Scott Sibbald

Scott Sibbald

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Winsor and Newton Artists lightweight watercolour set 12 x 5ml tubes

A lightweight tube box containing 12 x 5ml tubes of Artists' Water Colour. Superior Colour Range.

Contents: 1 x Metal Box,

Colours: Lemon Yellow Series 4, Winsor Yellow Series 1, Winsor Red Series 1, Alizarin Crimson Series 1, French Ultramarine Series 2, Winsor Blue Green Shade Series 1, Permanent sap Green Series 1, Yellow Ochre Series 1, Burnt Sienna Series 1, Burnt Umber Series 1,Ivory Black Series 1, Chinese White Series 1.

Winsor & Newton

Founded in 1832, Winsor & Newton are one of the World's leafing brands of fine art materials and has developed a fantastic reputation for reliability, quality and product innovation.

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