"New Generations, Same Patterns "a new Oil on Canvas Painting by Scott Sibbald

"New Generations, Same Patterns "a new Oil on Canvas Painting by Scott Sibbald.

I took this photo while on a catamaran tour going through Killary fjord. I had been through the mill mentally and physically and this was the first time I could see the light beauty of life around me. That day I decided that recovery had ended now its life. Then a year later I knew my time in Ireland was over and it was time for me an immigrant to emigrate back home to Scotland. My wife was also an immigrant and so for both of us that boat trip and the phone call we had that day changed everything. I dont regret it apart from missing the lads, their wives and their quickly growing children.

Killary Fjord for me turned out as a departure point not physically as the Irish population left Ireland from Connemara during the famine it connects my cycle through Ireland and it always will. This is a very personal painting for me and it always will.

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New Generations, Same Patterns
Oil on Canvas

ID NumberSSCOUK186
Selz ID0

Width CM50
height CM100
Width "19.68504
height "39.37008
Depth Canvas "1.377953


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